Environmental Policy

At feel amazing wellness centres (FAWC) we are committed to
reducing the impact we have on our environment


FAWC’s environmental policy provides the framework for continually improving FAWC’s environmental performance. The policy sets out our commitments for managing our potential environmental impact.

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito”

Anita Roddick, Business as Usual, Thorsons, USA, 2001

Environmental Policy

FAWC is a wellness centre, providing massage therapy and natural health care solutions in Chatswood NSW.

FAWC are aware that improving our environmental performance is an ongoing challenge that we are prepared to work on continuously. There will always be room for improvement and we will meet this challenge with commitment and enthusiasm.

FAWC will remain conscientious in providing continuous improvement in environmental performance through:

Commitment to continual development of environmental strategies.

Reviewing the environmental impact of our business regularly and being proactive in implementing appropriate changes.

Understanding this is an area constantly evolving and improving at every opportunity.

Educating all employees of FAWC in our environmental policies and environmental issues generally.

Encourage staff and clients to provide feedback and suggestions on environmental policy.

Minimising environmental impact as a result of FAWC business practice.

Lead by example with efficient use, and recycling of resources, and the reduction of waste.

What are we doing to make a difference?

We have purchased carbon offsets, Feel Amazing Wellness Centres is now carbon neutral.

We recycle all recyclable materials within the centre.

As our council does not provide recycling for businesses we remove all recycling and take to the recycling centre each week.

We have computerised our client files eliminating an enormous amount of paper. We have cut down excessive leaflets and printed material and those remaining are printed on 100% recycled paper.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning/pest control products.

We use energy efficient light globes and use dimmers on most light switches to conserve energy.

We do not use disposable cups for our water cooler as they are wax coated and not recyclable.

We have replaced our thermal print printer (for client receipts) and replaced with a plain paper printer. Thermal paper is not recyclable.

We even use a no staple stapler.

All appliances are turned off at night.

We use recycled paper bags for stock sales, and currently sourcing an even more environmentally friendly (and very exciting) option…..will keep you posted.

Recently purchased a front loader washing machine (4 star water saving) and condensing dryer (all the steam is fed into a tank that collects and can be used in garden).

We use fair-trade tea, coffee and will choose fair trade whenever possible.

We utilise the services provided by Freecycle (www.freecycle.org.au) all about recycling goods but not charging for them (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure).