Detox Diet

When you feel tired, lethargic, bloated, have digestive issues or have a general sense of feeling unwell, the problem could be what you eat. When we do not eat well, toxins from food and drink builds up in our bodies and can create all manner of health problems. Many people do not realize how many pesticides, chemicals, additives and pollutants are in the food they consume every day. While the human body is very good at eliminating these toxins, overexposure can overwhelm your body’s ability to deal with them.

When toxins are absorbed into your blood, this has a negative effect on your vitality and well-being. A detoxification program can help to kick start your system and get you feeling vivacious and healthy once more.

Removing Toxins from the Body

An expert healthcare practitioner can develop a comprehensive strategy for naturally detoxing your body to improve your health. This process is tricky and delicate, and your nutrition professional will take great care to make sure that you stay safe and comfortable during the process.

“Quick fix” detox programs you find on the internet or over-the-counter can be dangerous and cause bad reactions. Each person has unique nutritional needs, and only a qualified natural therapies practitioner can develop a safe program that is easy on the system.

A comprehensive detox diet will include special supplements to help your body eliminate harmful toxins and increase its natural ability to repair itself. The first step in this diet is to remove the negative from your body. The second increases healthy rhythms back to your system and helps to improve digestive function. The final stage uses supplements to support your liver and kidney functions and continue the body’s natural process of detoxification.

A Detox Diet Can Help:

  • Decrease feelings of lethargy
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce bloating
  • Treat digestive issues
  • Address diarrhea or constipation
  • Eliminate recurring headaches
  • Treat muscle pain and aches
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Address allergies and sensitivities
  • Help treat mood disorders

Living Toxin Free

Each detox program is tailored to the client’s individualized needs. By eating the right foods and engaging in healthy nutritional practices you will maximize your body’s ability to heal itself and eliminate unhealthy substances.

During this diet there are a few “universal” tips that can help keep you clean and healthy. For example, avoid prepared and processed foods and those containing artificial additives. Eat fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Avoid hydrogenated fats, saturated fat and gluten. Reduce your sugar intake. Finally, always make sure to read the nutritional and ingredients labels on all foods to make sure you are eating all natural.

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