Before I get into the new newsletter, I’ll update you all on our long weekend hours and staff availability.

We will be closed on Monday but are open both Saturday and Sunday. I’m off for the long weekend. Lior and Yuki are available on Saturday and Mariko and Kevin on Sunday. Elijah is available Sunday morning for Chiro. There are limited times left so feel free to click the book now button on the right of the page or give us a call.

We are also after a few bodies for some free massage. I’m teaching advanced sports massage and pregnancy massage techniques to our staff and need some people to work on. So please email if you’re interested in volunteering in a few weeks time.

Each month I’ll be sending a newsletter containing the things I’ve been talking about in clinic to my clients. It could be books, podcasts, articles, products or research. Typically it will be 1-5 items in length and may occasionally have something fun or silly but the focus will be on health.

First up is a book I’ve read and found fascinating! What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney.

Scott is an investigative reporter and is famous for writing best-selling books that debunk charlatans and cult leaders. When I saw he’d written a book on the internet sensation Wim Hof I was compelled to give it a read.

Far from debunking Wim, Scott becomes a follower of Wim’s techniques and teachings – which include breathing exercises and freezing water acclimatisation to manipulate the immune system and make us mentally and physically tougher!

It’s a fascinating read and if you suffer an autoimmune condition a must read!

That’s all for now, feel free to give me any feedback.

Have a great long weekend,

Cheers Anthony.